2008 Egypt

While I was living in Greece in the fall of 2008, participating in SFU’s archaeological field school, us students were given a week’s break in October to further explore what the Mediterranean region had to offer.

This was my first time joining an organized tour.  Until Egypt, I had usually planned my own trips and executed my own itineraries.  This time around, I got to sit back, relax, and let someone else run the show.  While it was nice to not have to plan every waking second, there were a lot of ‘hidden’ costs: ie. if your tour itinerary says that you ‘get to ride a donkey into the Valley of the Kings!’ the cheaper option is to take the car.

It was an amazing trip, where I met some great fellow travellers and lined up some very important contacts for my upcoming travels.  Anne, a friend I met on that trip, owns the vineyard in Australia where I will be working in less than a year from now, from March-November 2011.

Michelle’s Egyptian Adventure – Part 1

Michelle’s Egyptian Adventure – Part 2

Michelle’s Egyptian Adventure – Part 3

Michelle’s Egyptian Adventure – Part 4

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