2008 Greece

In the fall of 2008 I headed off to Greece on SFU’s Dig Greece fall field school.  The one-semester program would give me 12 much needed upper division credits towards my post-bacc diploma in English Lit, and 3 lower division language credits in Greek.  I’d always wanted to be an archaeologist, even going so far as to read non-fiction research tomes about digs in Egypt in my teens. 

The experience that I had was beyond my wildest dreams.  After a couple of years in a tough relationship where I lost touch with my own reality, this trip allowed me to really be the best version of myself, and re-find who I was as a student, traveller, and adult.

Originally entitled ‘My Greecian Saga’, the OED has since informed me that the correct spelling only has one ‘e’ . . . so here is My Grecian Saga, Parts I through VI.


My Grecian Saga – Part I

My Grecian Saga – Part II

My Grecian Saga – Part III

My Grecian Saga – Part IV

My Grecian Saga – Part V

My Grecian Saga – Part VI

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