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My life is not a ‘permanent vacation’

I updated my Facebook status a while back, and a friend commented partially in jest that they thought my life was a ‘permanent vacation’.  I’ve known this friend since I was 4, and while I knew she was kidding around a … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Love Train Travel

Originally posted on GLOBAL DETOUR:
? Back in the day, it was predicted that train travel was just a passing phase. It was believed that it would never survive as a long term travel solution because the back flowing fumes…

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Mating Octopus at China Wreck

A couple of weeks ago, while diving on China Wreck, my buddy and I came across a pair of mating octopus. Luckily, we saw them just before they ‘hooked up’, and since they weren’t shy, we managed to watch them … Continue reading

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How to get an Omani driver’s license

Step 1: Move to Oman for work. Step 2: After having your tourist visa extended, take an all-expenses paid to Dubai so that you can (finally) be issued your work visa two months after you first arrive in the Middle … Continue reading

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