2011/12 Australia

A chance encounter on a train in Egypt three years earlier had set me up for a year’s worth of living and working in Australia.  I started in South Australia, and eventually travelled to and visited every state, territory and major city in the country (except for Canberra and the ACT, but even my Aussie friends don’t begrudge me that!).  I lived in 4 different towns/cities, and even took a month off to travel and sightsee with my parents, who travelled half a world to see me.

It was an incredible experience, and even though it took me a long time to love Oz, I will never forget the time I spent there and the amazing path my life there set me on!

I thought I would organize all of my posts about Australia in one place for easy access.  Simply click on the link above to see all my posts about Oz, or the links below for a more specific archive.

My Life in Oz 1 – Robe

My Life in Oz 2 – Naracoorte

The W.A.-N.T. Tour

My Life in Oz 3 – Perth

Australia with Mom and Dad

My Life in Oz 4 – Cairns

Van Diemen’s Land

The Wild Wild West

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