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The Wall of Love

My 3.5 hour flight to Zakynthos from London was by far the loudest, rowdiest, craziest flight I’ve ever been on.  Apparently, lots of young Brits come to Zakynthos to work in the bars for the summer – I think they … Continue reading

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38 Hours to Greece and four lovely people

It takes a long time to get to Greece.  This shouldn’t be surprising, considering Greece is pretty much half a world away.  If we’re going to do the calculations the easy way, Greece is 10 time zones away.  Since there … Continue reading

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The joys (and fears) of packing

Today I leave for my next big adventure; yesterday I had to pack for it. I thought I was doing well, because as of the day before yesterday I’d laid almost everything out like I usually do (but in a … Continue reading

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Packing . . . all that other stuff!

I HATE packing. I really do, I loathe it.  I always have, because I always pack way too much, even though I take relatively little.  I think the part I hate the most isn’t deciding what clothes to bring, or worrying … Continue reading

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Adventures in . . . Knitting!

Yes, I confess, I have, at the age of 28 – become a knitter!  I know I might seem forty years too young to be doing something your grandmother probably does, but how do you think she gained the skills … Continue reading

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Exploring Klemtu Underwater

With only 2 students in the course, and more free time than we knew what to do with, we did a lot of exploring underwater.  Saying there is not much to do in Klemtu is an understatement . . . … Continue reading

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Exploring Klemtu

Half-way through March, and most of the way through the day, Matt and I managed to get over our celebratory hang-overs in time to make it to the band store to pick up some last-minute supplies for the trip up … Continue reading

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