25 Things

In an effort to familiarize myself to you, here is a list of 25 Things About Me that you just cannot live without knowing . . .

1. I like to call people by their full names.  For example, if your name is ‘Geoff’ but your full name is ‘Geoffrey’ then I will likely call you Geoffrey every single day, every single time I see you.  Oh, and if I get your middle name, watch out!

2. When I write or type x’s and o’s there has to be an even number of each, I will never EVER have a different number of x’s and o’s

3. There are three levels to my xo love . . . xo, xoxo and xoxoxo. Rarely will I have more than three pairs in a row; if you get more than three, feel lucky!

4. I have been to 20 countries on 4 continents: Canada, US, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Italy, The Vatican, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, and Egypt.

5. I have been to 5 of Seven Ancient Wonders of the World:

-Colossus of Rhodes, Rhodes, Greece

-Temple of Artemis, Ephesus, Turkey 

-Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

-Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece

-Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt

and 5 of Seven Wonders of the Medieval World:

-Stonehenge, Bath, England

-Colosseum, Rome, Italy

-Catacombs at Kom el Shoqafa, Alexandria, Egypt

-Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

-Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

It is my goal to one day get to them all!
6. I have lived in three different countries: Canada, Scotland and Greece.

7. I swam in the Nile, despite the fact that everyone I know told me not to. It was an amazing experience!

8. I like to watch Jeopardy and yell the answers at the TV – I would suck at the real game because I never form the question.

9. I speak three languages: English, French, and very bad Greek.  I would love to learn more about all three, and maybe learn another couple!

10. I think my dream job would be being a travel writer, then I could travel (which I love) and write (which I’ve been told I’m good at) and basically just be a wandering scribe for ever – awesome. Places I want to go: Australia, New Zealand, India, all of South America, South Africa . . . *sigh* basically the whole world!

11. I used to want to be married when I was 23. I thought that sounded like a good age. What was I thinking?!

12. If you ever see a particularly spectacular sunset, my Uncle Les made it. Seriously.

13. My children will learn to play a musical instrument so that they can read music.  They will also be in choir, or sing in some sort of way – no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I hated piano lessons, but I’m glad I had them because now I can read music and kind of play along to practise.

14. My children will also play sports – likely softball or baseball because I’m too freaking selfish to stand on the side of a football pitch for hours on end in the freezing rain to watch the little rugrats . . . unless I move to the Mediterranean, in which case I will hopefully end up wearing Prada on the sidelines.

15. My family is the most important thing in my life. They are the most amazing group of people and I would happily spend every day with them. Every year we go away for a family reunion, and when I was younger, I hoped that we would all live there forever in one house.

16. Although I always say I’m Italian, I’m actually more South African. My Mom was born there, and only my Dad’s Dad was born in Italy. I once even wrote a paper about why I identify more with my Italian side of the family for an anthropology class . . .
17. My friends are also extremely important to me, and I am incredibly lucky to have the wonderful friends that I do.

18. I am a twin (duh) but we don’t know if we are identical or fraternal. There were issues when we were born, completely aside from the fact that my sister tried to kill me by shoving her way out first, so we never found out. Personally, I like it that way. I think it’s better just to be a twin.

19. I have been singing since I was 6 years old. I think since then that time the longest I have ever gone with out singing in a choir or voice lessons has been Jan-Sept 2007 and May-Dec 2008. the only problem with my dream job (#10) is that I would have a really hard time finding places that would let me sing, and people to sing with/for.

20. The most memorable places I’ve sung are:

-Chan Centre at UBC

-International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River

-side of the Nile in Egypt around a Nubian bonfire

-at Vasilis’ bar Kivotos in Poros, Kefalonia Greece

-at the 15 000 seat open air theatre in Epidavros, Greece.

21. My sister and I always joke that we were born 50 years too late. If we had been born in 1934, we would have been amazing triple threats (singing, dancing, acting) in Hollywood. Not to mention that we have the perfect buxom figure for that era.

22. Sushi is one of my most favourite foods – EVER.

23. I pretty much hate pink, red, and orange. Ever since I was little, Jaclyn wore pink and I wore blue. I still wear blue and Jaclyn still wears pink. I hate pink and don’t even own anything pink or red (ok I guess technically I have one red article of clothing), but Jaclyn is the same way about blue.

24. When I make sandwiches, the mustard and cheese can never touch, I don’t know why, they just can’t, it’s not allowed.

25. I can make a sound like a siren. No joke.  My Dad can make the same sound.

BONUS: 26. The only reason I pretty much ever clean my room is because my Auntie Jan is watching – ALL THE TIME.  While she was actually on this earth, she was the ONLY person who could put the Fear of God into me about not cleaning my room (even at the age of 25!) and now that she’s gone, she is always watching.  And I try to keep my room clean just for her.

4 Responses to 25 Things

  1. Len Visagie says:

    Hi Cuz!

    You chose WordPress! Have you figured out the freakin’ galleries yet? I’m sure you’ll get lots of comments but watch out for the spammers, they lurk everywhere. CAPTCHA helps… Good job!

    • michelle4439 says:

      Thanks Cuz!

      Still having a few issues with the gallery . . . it’s pretty confusing (as you might be able to see) but I have a friend who is a wordpress wiz, so I will definitely be picking his brain!

      I will for sure come to you for advice as well, of course!

      Thanks!! Keep checking back!

  2. Shauna Murray says:

    Hey Michelle,
    This is really amazing! I got shivers several times reading your stuff. You definitely have the personality to do all you desire. If you ever want to return to the east coast of Canada my door is always open. We have our own place now.
    Keep pushing toward your dream of being a traveling writer (you said it better) cause that would be perfect for you. I have a feeling I’ll see you someday as the host of a traveling TV show.
    Sending you good vibes,

    • Michelle says:

      Hello! How are you?! Thank you so much for your kind words! I will definitely return to the East Coast one day, and I’m sure we will polish off a few more cases of Alexander Keith’s . . . hard to believe that was 5 years ago! Congrats on your place, awesome news!
      If I do ‘make it’ in this world in travel, or writing, or both; or get a job as a TV host (a very close second to my dream job) I will bring my posse to Halifax and tell the world our story.
      If you’re at the Lower Deck sometime, have a drink for me :o)
      Keep in touch!

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