12 hours in Frankfurt is a long time in a city in the winter after zero sleep on an overnight flight. BUT in a mere two and a quarter more hours, I should be successfully installed on my last flight to South Africa.

Here’s what I did today:

8:30’ish: arrived in Frankfurt, asked the information people where the beds were that Mom and Dad told me about. Apparently they were in Germany, so through passport control I went

9:30’ish: learned that the beds are definitely in the quasi-world of pre-passport control airport land *sigh*

10:00: boarded the train into Frankfurt with my newest travel buddy Alina, from Romania (is any one really surprised that I found a new stranger to spend the day with? Yeah, me neither). 

‘abfahrt’ tee hee! I love German!


10:30: arrived at the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt……

….11:01: ate this:

Bratwurst mit sauerkrautt and mustard!

11:05: wandered around, smelled the delicious smells, looked at the pretty sights, decided an hour or two of the day would not be wasted on a city tour!

11:30-12:30: city tour! Quite interesting, I’d forgotten how important Frankfurt was to Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire. This place is ooooooold.

12:30: freezing from sitting in the bus, and in desperate need of refreshment and rejuvenation, new travel buddy Alina and I joined some of the locals in one of the Glühwein huts for a drink(s!) and some Schnitzel 


did I mention that Germany has REAL MAYO!?!?!?

14:00: board the other city tour bus that our ticket also gave us access to, wait until 14:30 fighting ever-drooping eyelids for the tour to start

14:??: agree that the second bus tour is a worse version of the first, and ditch it for a train back to the airport.

16:00: Shower. SHOWER. At the airport. How have I never, in 7+ years and 32 countries of travel never experienced the wonder that is the airport shower?!?! For a mere €6, you get a little tube of shampoo/body wash, two glorious warm towels and an entire bathroom to yourself in the middle of Frankfurt’s airport. Bliss.

16:30’ish to present … Wander aimlessly, still looking for the mystical airport beds, and settle for a lawn chair-esque contraption.

Have the best little nap ever.

Write this blog post.

Still two hours until flight time…South Africa here I come!


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