Vietnam, here I come!

  With less than three hours to go until my very early morning flight to Vietnam, I find myself at the airport, super sleepy and blogging on my phone!
I’m not taking a laptop on this trip, but technology has improved so much since I started this blog that I can now write and post from my phone using free wifi – awesome.

So I’m off to Vietnam! True to my rather haphazard travelling form, I’ve done very little research except from looking up good places to eat.  I did end up booking that your, so transportation and accommodation is taken care of for a couple weeks at least.

The closer I’ve gotten to this vacation the more I’ve realized how much I need it. I’m burnt out from 5 months of intense training, and I haven’t taken a vacation since last June: it’s time.

As usual, follow along for all the updates I can manage! I’ll be primarily writing from my phone, so hopefully it looks ok on your end!

Until Taipei . . . 

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3 Responses to Vietnam, here I come!

  1. Moritz says:

    Vietnam sounds like an amazing experience. Enjoy your trip with Eva Air, they usually offer a very good customer experience! :)

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