Organized tour or random wanderings?

I can hardly believe I’m going to ask this, but with my 3 week Vietnam trip coming up in just one month, I find myself needing to ask the question:

Do I take an organized tour?

I haven’t been on a tour in ages, but those that I have been on have been generally pretty good. The reason for this departure from my usual “show up and hope for the best” routine is that I don’t want to miss anything BUT I’m also feeling really lazy, really busy, and I don’t want to plan anything.

Important to note: I haven’t yet planned anything. I have a plane ticket and a travel visa.

So, should I take a 12 day tour? It seems like it would hit up all the spots I would go to anyway. I would have time for a dive, and would either have 4 days or a week at the end to go trekking in Sapa.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Would love some input on this one!!

PS: the tour I’m thinking of is G Adventures’ Vietnam on a Shoestring 

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4 Responses to Organized tour or random wanderings?

  1. Alexis says:

    G adventures are meant to be very good. I hear ya on the busy and lazy…holidays should be fun! If you’re not feeling the stress or organising time spent go for it :) sooo much more convenient to skip the queues at the attractions as well!

  2. Alexis says:

    Ohh and did you look into geckos adventures and intrepid? They do small tours as well which is a bonus!

  3. That’s the tour I did! It was perfect, and my one regret is exactly the bit you’d add – trekking in Sapa. highly highly highly recommend the Vietnam on a Shoestring trip, because it’s not really a tour. They organize all your trains and buses – which would be SO DAMN HARD on your own, seriously – and then every day, you just do what you want. My tour leader just arranged something in each location with a local tour guide. For example, when we were in Nha Trang, she connected with someone she knew there to get us a day at the beach. She just gave us the run down and gave us a per-person price. About ten of us went to the beach for a lazy beach day and local seafood barbecue (SO GOOD) but the rest of the group decided rent bicycles and tour the city on their own. There’s so much freedom to do what you want, and they just take care of the logistical details. I’d definitely recommend it!

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you so much Steph!!! I’ve booked the tour and am really excited to just have the hardest parts organized for me! I plan on doing a 5 day trek in Sapa afterwards, can’t wait!!

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