To snap or not to snap?

As my time here on Amorgos starts drawing to a close (just over 3 weeks left, eek!) I find myself looking back through my pictures more and more . . . and noticing that I don’t have very many!  Usually I am very snap-happy when it comes to the picture-taking, both above and below water.  In the past I know I’ve taken too many pictures; now I seem to have swung around to taking almost too few.  Recently, though, I’ve been very content to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the moments as they come: to be present for a change.

I’m proud of myself for being stuck behind my camera less, but wonder if I will regret not having more pictures of the smaller moments later on, like on Friday night, when every single Greek guy in the bar had a beard.  No joke!  Every. Single. One.  Or pictures of the cute cats at work as they grow up, or pictures of nice customers at the diving centre, or pictures of myself – to remember what I looked like the summer I was 29 and working in Greece.

I just feel that there are so many amazing moments, that my days are just full of them, it’s too much, too overwhelming to possibly take enough pictures to hold on to all the memories.  I feel that my life is so full, in such a great way, that it’s almost too much to recognize.  So I’m just taking it easy, letting the amazing times wash over me, and not worrying too much about anything at the moment . . . I think this is just my life, and I’m very glad that I’m living it.


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