half packed

Instead of doing anything even mildly interesting tonight, I am now (very proudly) half packed!!  I decided to start with the easy stuff, my clothes.  Packing for two weeks, a month, half a year or longer is basically the same thing, as long as the climate doesn’t change!

Go and check out my Packing List, to see a detailed run down of what I’m taking on this trip, but visually I took this:



And turned it into this:



Now onto the dive gear . . . this will be a bit more challenging!


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2 Responses to half packed

  1. Packing for any specialized life-support activity always means you take so much stuff, doesn’t it? And it is always fun trying to keep the weight under 50 pounds. One thing I learned – I am forced into traveling ultra-light with my normal gear to compensate for the specialied stuff!

    • Michelle says:

      ladylight – you are so right!! Unfortunately, I’m waaaay over 50 pounds for this trip because of the gear-intensive nature of it. If I were just travelling in the same region for the same amount of time (and not diving), I feel confident I could do it with one bag (especially after taking a quick look through your blog, you are my hero, by the way!). For this trip, even though I am flying back, I am fortunate enough to have the use of a verrry large truck as transportation – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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