Beyond my comfort zone

Nine days ago I posted about my new job.

Six days ago I got another, far cooler, new job.

And two days from now, I will be leaving Vancouver for said new job – I LOVE MY LIFE!!

A week ago my two diving friends and fellow divemasters saw a post on Facebook for a last-minute opportunity for a DM job for March.  Since they are both grown-ups with real jobs they told me (the travelling bum with no real job, not much money, and the desire to go anywhere at anytime) about it.  I commented on a status, got sent a message, sent one in return, got a phone call, and got hired!  My newEST job is as a divemaster (yay!) in cold water (eek!) for a month (yay!) in the Inside Passage of BC (um – it’s cold there!).

On Saturday I’m heading up to Bella Bella and Klemtu, BC (via Nanaimo, Port Hardy and heaven knows where else) to spend a month in the cold Pacific assisting instructor Matt Arnold of Green Sea Diving as we teach some very brave students how to dive entirely in drysuits in confined and open water.  I’m nervous as hell and super excited at the same time.

This will by far be one of the most challenging trips I’ve ever been on.  Despite the fact that I still don’t have very much luck with ‘dry’ suits (did you read about Port Hardy?) it will be cold, remote and completely, utterly different from anything I’ve experienced before.  The communities we are entering are small (1400 and 460 pop respectively) and I’ve been told to expect a lot of dinners – I’m guessing visitors are rather scarce.  That said, I can’t wait to explore another part of my country, the backyard beyond my comfort zone, and immerse myself in a culture that has been around for a few thousand years.

Oh, and the diving should be pretty spectacular too!


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