Virgin Gorda – The Baths

A couple of weeks ago – oh my God, time FLIES! – I decided it was time to visit a new island in the BVI, and headed off to Virgin Gorda for the day.  You can see Spanish Town from Tortola, and the ferry from Road Town only takes about 35-45 minutes.  Luckily, it was a beautiful day and the winds weren’t too bad so I could sit on the top deck of the ferry and enjoy the scenery on the ride over.

Once on Virgin Gorda I took a quick, and I do mean quick, look around Spanish Town.  There is very little there: a grocery store (whose prices are even more inflated than Tortola’s!), a pub, the marina, a few touristy shops and a bakery just about covers everything that’s there.  Next it was off to the world-famous Baths.  Made up of huge boulders that were formed when a volcano exploded and the lava cooled and hardened and eventually the softer lava eroded away, leaving a collection of smooth but pockmarked rocks ranging in size from a Cooper Mini to a 2-storey house.

Unfortunately, it was a cruise ship day, so there were hundreds of people who had the same idea to go to the Baths.  Undeterred, I walked along a windy path through the rocks to Devil’s Bay, where it was less crowded, and spent a few hours basking in the sun, with an occasional dip in the Caribbean Sea to cool off.  It was so nice to be away from Tortola – Virgin Gorda even has a different feel about it, even though it’s only a few miles away.  The small part of the island that I saw on my way to and from the Baths revealed that the island is covered in the large boulders – some of them sitting in people’s front lawns, too big to move.

As it always seems to do in the BVI, rain came unexpectedly, and I started walking the trail back to the main beach, glad for the shelter of the rocks overhead.  The cruise-shippers had mainly dissipated by the early afternoon, and I found a spot to relax and watch the waves crash in.

Eventually, it was time to catch the shuttle back to the ferry, my day on Virgin Gorda coming to an end.  I will definitely go back again, though, to rent a car and see more of the island.  Apparently it has quite a good collection of ruins that my archaeology-loving self can’t wait to see.

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