I can still speak Nightclub

So, it’s official, even in my nearly old age, I can still boogie on the dance floor.  Saturday night I headed to the local pub with Henry and his sister and brother-in-law to meet up with my co-worker Aimee for a friend of hers’ birthday.  Sound like a bit of a stretch? Meh, for a truly epic night out, it was worth it!


A few drinks in (ok more than a few drinks in after dinner and a pre-drink at home) and we started d-flooring it up at the pub (something that is apparently rarely done) and then moved en masse (just us and our 70 closest friends) to the local – and only – nightclub in Naracoorte (a town of 5000), Shapes: Voted the 2nd Worst nightclub in Australia.  Oh that’s right folks, I said 2nd WORST :o)


Now, I must have been to some seriously shady clubs in my time, because Shapes didn’t really seem all that bad to me.  It was legendary.  The music was good (apparently also rare), it was packed (making the décor less glaringly hideous) and we danced up an absolute storm.  I have not danced like that, or for that long, for quiiiite some time . . . I’m going back almost a year here to Britt’s Rooster’s Night Out . . . possibly even the summer when I was 24 (good times) and even Scotland – the weekly International Student’s Night.


At 3 am our $10 cover came in handy as the ugly lights came on and we poured onto the  street to catch the complimentary bus home.  Margot tried to pay the bus driver as Marc nicely found the door, which she had failed to locate and we stumbled into the house and to bed at 3:20.


My alarm was set for 6:15.  Awesome.


Up Henry and I got for a day of golf.  Henry had gone home at 10pm on the dot the night before, and was feeling great to play the Pennants Grand Finals for South Eastern South Australia.  I, on the other hand, channelled my younger all-night essay-writing days to spend the next 14 HOURS wandering around the Millicent golf course in varying fall showers watching Henry and his teammates play to a win in all three grades in the company of about 50 men, being the sole woman around for miles.  Good fun, and many, many brownie points won I am assured.


All in all, though, it was a fantastic weekend, and I would easily repeat every moment of it again at the drop of a hat.  This weekend though, off to Melbourne!

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