The Vanilla Latte!

I have found a vanilla latte in South Africa!!

This may not sound like much, but to me, a vanilla-latte-aholic, the past couple of months have been little short of torture without them . . . so much so that I’ve pretty much foregone coffee altogether in favour of my newest addiction, Rooibos tea.

But back to the vanilla latte!  I’ve just checked in for my 2 hour flight back to Cape Town, and of course it is delayed by 35 min (aren’t holidays fun?).  Right near Gate C11 in Terminal B of OR Tambo, there is a vida e caffe . . . I have been asking every coffee shop I have stopped at if they have the elusive vanilla latte, or any flavoured coffee for that matter, and am always turned away.  But not today, my friends, not today.  Sitting in front of me, for the bargain price of R27.50 (about $4CAD) is a large, non-fat, no foam vanilla latte.  Although it is 28°C today and the AC seems to be a bit inefficient so I’m slowly melting as I type this, I would not change it for the world.

Not really much else to say about the vanilla latte, except that I enjoyed every drop of it immensely, and hope to God that there are more of these in my imminent future, though I think that Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya are Starbucks-less, and possibly even vida e caffe-less.  However! I’m sure there is at least one somewhere in Cape Town, and I intend to find it in the next 5 days!

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  1. Tall – 3 pumps vanilla syrup about 3 tablespoons one shot of espresso one ounce about 7oz cold milk and 4 oz ice Grande – 4 pumps vanilla syrup 2 shots of espresso about 9oz cold milk and 6 oz ice Venti – 6 pumps vanilla syrup 3 shot…..

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