Table Mountain, Cape Point, and Green Point Stadium

Monday, November 14th, dawned a beautiful clear day – up to Table Mountain it was! 

The gondola up the mountain goes very quickly and it rotates slowly around in a circle all the way up so you can actually see what is on all sides without having to move an inch.  Very handy.  At the top of the gondola you are immediately greeted by outstanding views everywhere you look.  Lisa and I started taking pictures before we even left the gondola housing.  We had missed the first nature tour of the day, but decided instead to take ourselves on a tour of the top of the mountain.  There was not a breath of wind that day and it was HOT.  We spent an hour wandering the long loop around the top and looking at the views.  Everywhere you look is another stunning vista.  Lions Head, Signal Hill, Robben Island, the Waterfront, Green Point Stadium, Camps Bay, the 12 Apostles . . . Cape Town is just surrounded by beauty. 

After we took the gondola back down, we headed over to Long Street to The Royale Eatery, a place recommended by Bryan from Cintsa.  They specialize in burgers and had just about every single combination of bun, topping, patty, and sauce you could possibly imagine.  Definitely stop by if you get a chance.

We then wandered around the city centre for an hour or so.  City Bowl and Bo-Kaap, as it’s called is bustling with people, and also has some nice shady side streets with little street markets.  We wandered past the castle and the city hall, but it was sweltering so we called it quits in the afternoon and headed back to Blouberg.

The following day I found a book of Scenic Drives in Cape Town and we decided to follow the one that would take us to Cape Point and back.  We started off by driving through Constantia to Hout Bay, and then through the very scenic Chapman’s Peak Pass, on to Kommetjie and then through to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.  We wound our way down to Cape Point and opted to take the funicular railway up to the old lighthouse on top.  It was tourist madness up there, everyone vying for space to take the perfect picture; we snapped a few and then walked the trail out and down to the new lighthouse, waaaaay out on the end of Cape Point.  The wind was howling so much I actually had to change my camera settings to take a picture of the lighthouse!

We asked the nice Japanese businessmen tourists to take a picture of us, which they were only too happy to oblige, with their cameras as well!  Then they asked if they could take a picture WITH us . . . ummmm, sure . . . We are now totally famous in Japan.  Back along the trail, a quick stop in the tourist shop, and then we headed out to Simon’s Town.

We did eventually make it to Simon’s Town . . . Police Station.  In the cab of a tow truck, which carried our car.  Ahhhh yes, the bush wreck.  As you know by now, if you read the Cape Town Catch Up, one second we were driving on the road, the next we were in the bush.  A couple of hours waiting for the tow truck, then another hour and a half driving back to Blouberg in the tow truck – the neighbours must think that we’re crazy.

The next day we actually did make it back to see Simon’s Town, and the penguins at Boulders Beach.  The penguins are very cute, but not as smelly or as loud as I’d heard they could be.  That night, the 17th, was Lisa’s last night in SA, so we headed to the Waterfront and met up with a friend of her’s, Kerisha and her boyfriend, to enjoy a fantastic meal overlooking the water while the sun set.  Kerisha had tickets to the Bafana-Bafana vs. USA football game, so we walked with them to Green Point Stadium.  Walking to the stadium, and just standing outside of it as spectators poured in is definitely a highlight of the whole trip for me.  The air was buzzing: with the hum of energy from 90 000 excited fans and literally from the thousands of vuvuzelas.  The sound is unlike any other.  Unless you were at the World Cup, or there that night, you can’t imagine how awesome it sounds.  A stroll up Long Street to hit up a couple of bars and a food stop, and we were ready to go to bed.  It had been a ridiculous couple of days, and Lisa had to leave the following morning at 10.  It was hard to see her go, but I have a over a thousand pictures of our awesome adventure to look back on.

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