True North Strong and Free

I’m back in Canada!

Jaclyn redeemed herself on the final day of the drive by taking care of all of those 600kms from Paw Paw to Brampton, and we got into town early at about 2pm.  I made her go shopping instead of just relaxing, and we pretty much unpacked her back into her ‘cave’.

Yesterday was another shopping/unpacking/resting day.  I forgot how much work goes into settling into a place, so much to buy, do and think of.  Last night we headed into Toronto to Grace O’Malley’s, a pub that our friend Kara works at.  I invited all the people I’ve met from TO over the years, and Jac and I had a great night catching up with our old friend Geoff, a TA from first year university, and Dylan and Stephen – two of the infamous ‘Vegas Boys’.  What an absolute blast!!  On the way there we were able to take a drive along Lakeshore, because according to Jaclyn, there was absolutely no traffic.  Tomorrow we are thinking of going back into town to do the touristy thing . . . but we might just sleep and prepare for the party Jaclyn is holding for me!

Today we did the two things that we seem to do best: eat and shop.  Coffee and muffins at the Farmer’s Market in Brampton, a new laptop from Costco (to help me keep in touch from far far away), all you can eat sushi that wasn’t half bad, and a mani/pedi that was desperately needed.  Gnocchi (with fresh basil from Marcello, the new basil plant – his neighbour, Francois, the rosemary plant is also doing well) and salad for dinner, and of course now we’re doing that other thing we do so well: drinking!

I still have two full days here and it’s great to be able to relax and spend some super quality time with my sister before I head back to the West Coast on Monday!

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